When it Comes to Hazardous Waste Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

At ASI Waste, we go to great lengths to help our clients see to it that their employees adhere to safety standards of the handling, disposal, storage and transportation of hazardous waste materials. Getting it right means a lot of folks have to do their jobs the right way everyday. When it comes to training on security of hazardous waste, there is a variable therein which differs from some of our other training. When we educate teams about disposal and handling of hazardous waste, those partners clearly want to keep the waste stream as safe as possible for all parties. However, as it pertains to the security of hazardous waste, we must consider external and even internal threats — bad actors who may want to leverage access to hazardous waste or take advantage of vulnerabilities in security in order to do harm.

The use of hazardous materials such as weapons by terrorists has caused a need for better education and diligence in the overall management of hazardous materials and those with access to them. There are many hazardous materials that are essential to industry, but in the hands of a terrorist these same materials can be deadly weapons. As an example, ammonium nitrate, commonly used for fertilization, has been used as an ingredient in the making of explosives with deadly results in the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing and again in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.

So, how does an organization protect against security vulnerabilities? At ASI Waste, we help clients establish Security Objectives–a written list of goals that must be followed be every member of an organization’s team in order to best ensure the safety of a waste stream. In addition to outlining strategies and techniques for security, we offer online and on-site training for organizations who are serious about maintaining high standards of security and safety for the handling, storage, disposal and transportation of hazardous waste.  Everything from urging our clients to aggressively vet personnel to mapping out guidelines for communication and shipping, our team is committed to fostering a comprehensive security strategy for those who require it.

Remember, security is everyone’s responsibility. If you are interested in a security audit for your hazardous waste stream or have an organization that is ready for streamlined training options right now, call our offices today to get started.