Defense Health Agency Medical Treatment Facilities

WELCOME from Advant-EDGE Solutions of Middle Atlantic !

Contract #W81K042D0006 Medical Waste Disposal

We would like to say thank you and welcome you to our services from the entire team here at Advant-EDGE Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. We look forward to supporting your facility by providing safe, efficient, and compliant regulated medical waste disposal services.

We wanted to provide this introduction with our key contacts for you for any of your service needs, billing needs or questions you may have.

Advant-EDGE Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. Contacts and Support

Service request or need?

Should you ever need assistance with your services, please email or feel free to call us at 302-533-6858. These inquiries may include questions related to packaging supplies or questions related to the service days or next scheduled service.

Billing questions or inquiries?

Any billing questions you may have can be sent to or by calling us at 302-533-6858.

Compliance questions?

Any compliance questions you may have can be sent to or by calling us at 302-533-6858. This may include questions related to things such waste acceptance and proper packaging guidance of regulated medical waste.

How will I receive my monthly utilization report?

Each month ASMAI will submit the utilization report automatically via email on the third Thursday of the month to the COR and the KO/KS. Additional copies desired from the COR or the KO/KS can be requested on demand by emailing or by calling us at 302-533-6858.

Is there any training available?

ASMAI provides complimentary US DOT Training via our website. We realize you may have the training already in place. This training is not intended to replace any training. Trainees who participate in this training will be provide a US DOT Complaint Training Record and a Certificate.

Those interested, register at

Account:                        DHA DOT
Supervisor’s Name:    COR, COTR, KO or KS    Supervisor Full Name
Supervisor’s Email:     COR, COTR, KO or KS    Supervisor Email Address

Once the trainee completes the training, they can download their certificate and training record immediately. A copy will be forwarded to the designated COR, COTR, KO, or KS.

Any requests or questions regard training can be submitted by emailing or by calling us at 302-533-6858.

Who is our project management team?

  • Emily Davis, Secondary Project Manager:, O – (302) 533-6858
  • Colby Perkins, Pricing/Reporting Analyst, O – (302) 533-6858

We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with the Medical Treatment Facilities of the Defense Health Agency!

Best regards,

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Laurie Holland


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Jacqueline Ogborne

Vice President/COO

Office Phone: (302) 533-6858

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