Sustainable Waste Management

The best way to reduce your waste disposal costs is to eliminate waste! Divert waste for reclamation or reuse. Minimize waste being sent to landfills!


At ASMAI, we prioritize sustainability in waste management and advocate for our customers to follow the waste hierarchy. We are committed to helping our customers implement sustainable waste management practices. By working together, we can achieve greater waste diversion, reduced landfill usage, and contribute to a more environmentally conscious approach to waste management. Trust us to provide the expertise and support needed to establish and maintain sustainable waste practices in your facility.

Image of ASMAI vice president with waste sorting stations
infographic for the waste hierarchy

Maximize diversion

This hierarchy guides the proper handling and disposal of waste, with the aim of maximizing material reclamation and reuse. Here's how we support our customers in implementing sustainable waste practices:

  • Classification of Waste: We assist our customers in classifying waste at the point of generation. Proper waste classification ensures that waste flows through the facility and is directed to the appropriate recycling center or disposal site. This step is essential for effective waste management.
  • Container Strategies: We help our customers develop container strategies tailored to their specific waste streams. This includes selecting the appropriate types and sizes of containers for different waste categories. Efficient container strategies facilitate waste separation and improve recycling efforts.
  • Program Branding and Communication: We support our customers in branding and communicating their waste management programs. Clear signage, instructions, and educational materials help raise awareness among staff and stakeholders, encouraging active participation in sustainable waste practices.
  • Waste Flow Optimization: We establish waste flows within facilities to ensure maximum diversion with minimal handling. By streamlining waste collection and transport processes, we minimize waste generation and improve efficiency in material recovery.

The waste hierarchy serves as a guide for sustainable waste practices, emphasizing the importance of waste prevention, reduction, reuse, and recycling. By following this hierarchy, we can minimize the environmental impact of waste and promote a circular economy.

Contact us today about how we can help you to be more sustainable in the management of your various wastes and recyclables!