ASI Waste holds party status to US DOT Special Permit 16279 and can provide training!

Waste potentially contaminated with the Ebola Virus Disease is not Regulated Medical Waste, it is considered a Category A Infectious Substance. It has more stringent packaging and transportation requirements. Waste potentially contaminate with the Ebola Virus Disease can only be transported only under US DOT Special Permit 16279.

Waste potentially contaminated with  the Ebola Virus Disease is very dangerous to handle. It must be properly packaged. The US DOT has a special permit for the safe transportation of this waste stream The packaging of this waste is critical to properly decontaminate and contain the waste. We provide training for the proper packaging of this waste.  US DOT requires HAZMAT employee training for the shipping of waste potentially contaminated with the Ebola Virus Disease .

HAZMAT Employee Training for Shipping Waste Potentially Contaminated With the Ebola Virus Disease

Our online professional course consists of the required training topics for shippers waste potentially contaminated with the Ebola Virus Disease as required by the US DOT. Each lesson needs to be completed to fulfill the training requirements. Once all lessons are completed, the training record and certificate will be immediately available for download.

By enrolling now you will be registered for the course including these following lessons:

  • General Awareness – Training that provides familiarity with the general requirements of the HMR and enables the HAZMAT employee to recognize and identify hazardous materials.
  • Function Specific – Training that provides a detailed understanding of HMR requirements applicable to the function(s) performed by the HAZMAT employee.
  • Safety Training – Training that covers the hazards presented by hazardous materials, safe handling, emergency response information, and methods and procedures for accident avoidance.
  • Security Awareness – Training that provides a general understanding of the security risks associated with hazardous materials transportation and the methods designed to enhance transportation security.

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On-Site HAZMAT Employee Training for Waste Potentially Contaminated with the Ebola Virus Disease

If you have a large group requiring HAZMAT Employee training for shipping of waste potentially contaminated with the Ebola Virus Disease, we can send a trainer to your location to provide the training in person. The trainer will also bring an Ebola Waste Kit, and demonstrate the proper packaging of this waste stream. The training will cover the topics listed above.

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