Expert Med Waste Management is Rooted in Systemized Efficiency

Great hospitals and medical facilities don’t get to be great overnight. It starts with leadership defining standards and casing vision, and then it takes a core group of committed staff to buy into that vision and adopt those standards. There needs to be accountability  and honesty when it comes to addressing shortcomings. Recognition and validation for superior performance does not hurt either. The point is that every member of the organization has a job to do and a responsibility to do that job great every single day. This dynamic does not happen without proper planning, support, examination and, yes, enthusiasm.

At ASI Waste, we recognize how critical it is for facilities to manage their regulated medical waste needs safely and efficiently. It’s our business to know this. And as regulations have changed over the years. our business has remained on the bleeding edge of innovation when it comes to RMW services for medical facilities, clinics and hospitals. By engaging with clients and industry partners in the planning stages of a project, we are able to set realistic goals and define the necessary standards for success. After the adoption and launch of new waste streaming initiatives, our team is there to support our clients so that the opportunity for full scale adoption can be achieved throughout all areas of a facility with buy-in from all staff. Once the program is established, there is opportunity for ongoing examination of results which inevitably creates possibilities for refinement. The application of efficient systems create the environment for  It is critical to know that there is always an opportunity for improvement and that is where enthusiasm comes in.

Our enthusiasm for our work is borne of a desire to see our clients win. Many of our clients are widely recognized for expertise in their fields of practice. Their success has come as a result of their own enthusiasm for their own craft. At ASI Waste, we have mastered med waste management through years of systemization, innovation, examination and infinite enthusiasm for the work.