When it comes to RMW Packaging, Trust the Pros at ASI!

Any facility that is subject to the guidelines of 49 CFR 173.197 likely already knows a thing or two about adhering to regulations. What is 49 CFR 173.197 ? It covers the requirements of the Federal Code of Regulations related to medical waste packaging which stipulates that generators of RMW use proper packaging and adhere to proper handling methods of waste in order to meet compliant standards.

Government regulations like these are in place for good reason. Regulated Medical Waste can pose a tremendous danger if not stored, transported, handled and disposed of properly. The Federal Code of Regulations makes clear what types of packaging should be used based on waste types and sub types, weights, volumes and more. It should be noted that regulations such as these can and do change from time to time based on advancements in packaging and even in response to global health threats such as Ebola.

What can you do?

If you are responsible for safety operations and regulated medical waste disposal at a clinic, doctor’s office, funeral home or larger facility, you need to be able to trust that you are adhering to the standards in a manner that is both safe and compliant. Trust the waste professionals at ASI Waste to ensure that your methods of storage, disposal and transportation of RMW keep handlers safe and keep your facility compliant with federal regulations. Call today to learn more.