The Importance of Properly Managing Regulated Medical Waste During a Pandemic

For over a decade our mission has been to ensure proper packaging, shipping and disposal of regulated medical waste while staying compliant with regulations, and this has been really put to the test during the most recent COVID-19 Pandemic. As our clients faced new challenges related to everchanging regulations it was our duty to safely handle and dispose of waste that has been exposed to COVID-19. As many of you know we are passionate about proper regulated medical waste management. At its core properly managing hazardous waste will reduce the spread of potentially dangerous diseases. We are in a business that handles regulated medical waste daily and therefore specialize in the compliance of managing this highly regulated waste stream. COVID-19 was not the first experience we have had managing hazardous waste during a pandemic, we applied systems and training throughout the Ebola pandemic to ensure compliancy and the safety of those handling this class of medical waste. ASI Waste is committed to safety and compliance at every point in the waste stream. We are focused on ensuring that the hazardous waste is properly handled from the point of generation at your facility to the ultimate treatment and disposal of waste. We continue to provide clear tracking of the waste and detailed manifesting that shows how the waste is handled from cradle-to-grave.

In order to stop the spread of potentially deadly diseases, it is important to have a company that keeps up to date with current regulations and training. At ASI Waste, we follow all regulations to ensure all hazardous waste is handled and transported according to code. We track every step of the process for our clients, ensuring complete confidence and security in the assured management of their hazardous waste.

Dealing with regulated medical waste is no small task and requires a lot of compliance for everything to run smoothly. But when we do our job, it can reduce the spread of diseases and save the lives of others.

We have successfully managed regulated medical waste throughout multiple pandemics and know that we will be prepared for any future outbreaks. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your facility, call us today or visit our website!