Schools and Institutions Save with ASI

We may be coming to the end of the single strangest school year on record, but we are all very excited here at ASI Waste to see COVID cases on the way down and optimism on the way up. We are also excited to see faces again. It’s been too long since we have been able to see old and new clients and customers in a safe, face-to-face manner. It’s good to see you all again.

If this past year proved anything, it is that organizations, large and small, were quick to realize if and when their needs were not being met by long time service providers. We saw it over and over again in the new clients we began serving during the pandemic. Why are you choosing to leave your old waste provider?

They can’t pivot quickly enough to meet our changing demands.
They don’t offer all of the resources we need right now.
They don’t seem to have any answers to a lot of our questions.

We found specifically that school districts and institutions had a very tough time getting quality service from waste service providers. And we get it. Schools and similar facilities were under a tremendous microscope regarding the spread of COVID. The margins for error were (and remain) far thinner for schools, universities, elder care facilities, prisons and any place where a lot of people gather.

This is why ASI Waste put all of our resources into ensuring all of our clients remained served 100% of the way throughout the COVID crisis. From managing testing and vaccination sites for schools to ensuring all of our higher education clients had achievable, safe waste stream plans and packing and supplies to execute a safe waste stream for students, staff, handlers and shippers–we never failed in our commitment to serve.

But, here is the kicker. In many cases, we were able to deliver this high level of service at a savings to a number of the new clients we began serving since lockdown began. How? It has always boiled down to finding efficiencies and opportunities. That’s what we do. It is why we are a better choice for our clients. It is why our retention and referral rate is sky high. It is why we remain the best choice in waste services on the East Coast.

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