Save Money on Regulated Medical Waste!

Allow us to Introduce Ourselves

We are Advant-Edge Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. Our local, woman-owned business is focused on compliance and exceptional customer service at a competitive rate. We provide the comprehensive management of various waste and recyclables, specializing in the health care industry. We are experts in providing solutions for regulated waste streams. Through our training, we help to ensure you are compliant in every step of managing your regulated medical waste disposal. We can provide solutions for all your waste streams, including by not limited to: solid waste, regulated medical waste, universal waste, e-waste, hazardous waste and various recyclable commodities.

Why Choose Us?

 US DOT Training for Shippers of RMW

 Videos, Posters for Proper Packaging Guidance

• Assistance with Year-end Reporting 

• Cradle-to-Grave Manifests and Tracking 

If you are ready to stop paying high fees for Regulated Medical Waste Disposal, we invite you to talk with one of the waste pros at Advant-Edge Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. today!

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