The Importance of Properly Managing Sharps Disposal

We know that to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, it is important to dispose of sharps properly and efficiently. At ASI Waste, we make sure that our customers remain compliant while managing sharps disposal in a timely and cost-effective manner. We value a partnership with our clients to ensure that sharps are properly managed from start to finish of the waste stream. No matter what type of sharps disposal your facility needs, we have solutions that will fit the needs of any sharps waste generator.

Traditional Sharps Disposal

Our traditional sharps containers are puncture-proof, leak-proof, and clearly labeled for your convenience. Having the proper container limits the risk of improper contact with contaminated sharps. At ASI we provide clear tracking of the waste and detailed manifesting that shows how the waste is handled throughout every step of the waste stream. Our customers know that when choosing ASI Waste, they will always be compliant with regulations and the job will always be done in a timely manner.

Reusable Sharps Containers

Hospitals and medical offices administer around sixteen billion injections a year globally. That is a lot of waste! At ASI Waste, we set you up for success by offering reusable sharps container exchange programs. This greener solution to sharps management has been proven to be safe and effective through both third-party studies with over 20 years of in-hospital experience! Our programs can provide a sharps service technician to come out and exchange your sharps containers, reducing exposure to infections and overall workload for your employees. This is a fantastic way to reduce the amount of waste being processed as regulated medical waste. You can trust that we will provide the safest and most clinically accepted sharps management services in the industry.

If you are interested in finding out which type of sharps disposal is right for your facility, call our office at 302-533-6858 to speak with a Sharps Disposal Specialist!