Advant-Edge is a Leader in RMW Solutions

The team at Advant-Edge has been leading the way in innovative and dependable regulated medical waste services for over a decade. Hospitals, clinics, funeral homes and even tattoo parlors throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia receive the best service in the waste industry when they choose Advant-Edge for waste removal, packaging supplies and reusable sharps container exchange services.

Handling and Packaging Done Right

When it comes to the packaging, shipping and treatment of regulated medical waste, safety and compliance are the most important responsibilities that generators face. The compliance team at Advant-Edge has the expertise and solutions that your facility needs to stay compliant while also paying close attention to your organization’s operation budget. Maintaining compliancy does not have to cost a fortune. In fact, ensuring that packaging is properly sealed and labeled helps to prevent accidents, often with costly and dangerous repercussions. Our onsite and online training opportunities also enables your team to gain critical knowledge and skills that will help to keep your facility safe as waste makes its way to its final destination. A reusable sharps container exchange program helps our clients keep a green footprint will saving money and minimizing waste.

Let’s Start with an Audit

Before we can begin discussing the many ways that Advant-Edge can be a beneficial partner for your organization, let’s agree to start with a simple audit of your Regulated Medical Waste streams as well as your current packaging and treatment strategies. From there, we will be able to best determine which solutions will best save your organization the most money while keeping your team safe and your facility compliant. If this sounds good to you, call our team today to discuss your RMW needs.