Accountability in Everything We Do

Stereotypes can be stubborn things. Few industries are immune from pervasive stereotypes that often hang around for decades. The sleazy used car salesman. The untrustworthy auto mechanic. Speaking from our own experience, we’ve dealt with several car sales professionals and auto service centers for business and personal vehicles alike, and we have not come across anyone who operates in an underhanded or nefarious fashion. Quite the opposite, in fact, we’ve been nothing short of delighted by our relationships with these folks. That said, were you to ask these professionals where the stereotype comes from, they would tell you that, yes there was a time when automakers manufactured some tragically abysmal models. Some of those vehicles were forgettable when purchased new and downright lousy once they had 50,000 miles on them. So, while history has been forgiving at times to the brands who manufactured some of the stinkers of the 1970s, 80s and 90s, we have been far less kind to those unlucky folks charged with keeping these clunkers in running shape, or worse yet, reselling them to a new driver after years of usage by the original owner. In this case, the law of large numbers sets the table for the potential for the existence of some naughty operators.

The Marketplace Rewards Great Service and Fair Pricing

What can we say about the worst vehicles of thirtysome years ago? As more Americans bought Japanese and European vehicles, American automakers had to step up their game. Nowadays, vehicles — domestic and foreign — come with all sorts of technology, great gas mileage and most new vehicles go for well over 100K miles before its owner has cause for any concern. With that, the marketplace does not generally have room for dishonest or cut-rate service providers in the automotive space. Though it took time and some innovation, these stereotypes have been largely chased from the automotive space.

In the waste services industry, we’ve spent the last decade overcoming decades-old stereotypes as well. We hear it from new clients all the time that they left their old provider because of overcharges, fees on top of fees and disruptions in service that were often met with a deaf ear. In short, the stereotypes in our industry often hinge on shoddy service and astronomical, and often arbitrary, fees and charges. Regardless of industry, poor service and overcharging are signs of vendors who do not care about their customers. The marketplace will weed them out over time. As a customer, it is not your responsibility to go down with their sinking ship.

What Makes ASI Different?

For over a decade, we have built our business one customer at a time by delivering unmatched service at a price point that is fair. There will always be operators in any industry whose actions give the group a bad name. Frankly, we cannot be bothered to worry about them. Our service speaks for itself through timely communication, prompt pickups, clean billing, advancements in technology and effective and intuitive waste streaming. This differentiation is what validates the choices of our customers and continues to grow our referral business.

Leave Bad Choices in the Past

Let’s get excited about all of the opportunities that 2022 holds for all of us. If you are still on the losing end of a relationship with a waste services provider who is not interested in delivering top quality service, make switching to ASI part of your new year’s resolution list. Talk to one of our sales staff today about waste audits and scheduled service and see for yourself why so many have made the switch to ASI Waste.