A Thank You to Doctors, Nurses and Other Medical Professionals

So far, 2020 is off to quite an intense start for many of us. But, perspective is important, and it is good to take a breath from time to time. Here at ASI Waste, we are doing our best to #flattenthecurve by maintaining social distancing standards and enabling a majority of our staff to work remotely until we are on the other side of COVID-19 emergency.

Waste, by its very nature, is not something we ever want to have skin contact with. And, much of the waste we are responsible for shipping, managing and disposing of is pretty nasty stuff. Regulated medical waste, hazardous waste, sharps and the like need to be packaged properly and handled with the utmost care. We understand the importance of having the right safety equipment and cleaning supplies to do our job right and keep our people safe while doing it.

That is why we want to send a special Thank You out to all of the doctors, nurses, support staff and other medical professionals on the front lines of the Coronavirus crisis right now. Yes, currently some medical facilities have it worse than others, but if certain trendlines prove out, sooner or later, most of the country may well feel the severity of the spread. Until the worst is behind us, it will be front line medical professionals doing the heavy lifting to get us through.

We work with a number of medical facilities throughout the US, and we can attest that few are more dedicated and professional than those we’ve come to know in these hospitals and clinics. To them and all of their colleagues and friends throughout the US, we send out our most heartfelt gratitude and we wish you strength and resilience as we weather this storm.