Sustainable and Affordable: Reusable Sharps Exchange Program

Traditional sharps disposal packaging uses cardboard or plastic containers which are generally incinerated along with their contents. Though safe and effective, this process invariably leads to the use and destruction of tons of plastic or cardboard material for the average-sized generator on an annual basis. It is estimated that a 100-bed facility yields roughly 8,000 pounds of cardboard and plastic waste in the form of sharps containers each year simply for the purposes of safe sharps disposal.

But, what if there were a Greener Option?

There is. A Reusable Sharps Exchange program is a sustainable and affordable option for facilities who produce sharps waste and are looking to reduce their waste footprint. Furthermore, the process is every bit as safe as your current method. These containers are engineered to open for safe hygienic washing and disinfection only after their contents have been safely removed and disposed. Once containers are safely cleaned, they are added back into the inventory, ready for use again at facilities like yours. By enrolling in a Reusable Sharps Exchange Program, your facility is only disposing of the sharps waste it generates–not the packaging necessary to safely contain and ship that waste. ASI Waste will even provide you with reporting which details all of the plastic or cardboard saved as a result of your enrollment in your Reusable Sharps Exchange Program.

To learn more about affordable and sustainable sharps disposal, call ASI Waste today.