Saving Money For Small Healthcare Facilities

It’s never been more challenging to operate and manage a healthcare facility than it is right now. COVID-19 has introduced unique obstacles to an industry already quite familiar with regulations and safety guidelines. And though no industry has done more to adapt to our changing time than the health and medical space, still many challenges linger. While it is the #1 responsibility of our facilities and their staff to be focused on patient care and meeting the challenges of new and known illnesses, someone is still responsible for making sure facilities are able to sustain and survive.

Depend on Our Expertise

We’re in the service business, plain and simple. Pick ups have to be on time. Price point has to be on point. And, customers need to know that lines of communication are always open. This is what our clients have come to expect from ASI Waste, and it’s the only way we know how to serve.

Right now, new clients are turning to us to help them find more money in their budgets by minimizing costs and maximizing service. We are able to deliver these results through our decades of compliance expertise and effective waste flow solutions. Nobody does it better than our team of expert waste pros.

Personal Service Never Meant This Much

The measure of a business relationship is not defined by the good times — but rather how your vendor responds when times get tough. Now that challenges are evolving, do you want to get put into a phone tree? Do you want to go to a website which shows a note that the customer service call times are going to be “unusually high” for the rest of time? Do you want to learn the hard way that you are not your vendor’s priority because you are not their biggest account?

Or, do you want to get someone on the line who is going to get started with solving today’s challenge today? At ASI Waste, we serve facilities of all sizes, and all of them enjoy excellent service from our team.

To find out more about how our team can get started solving your facility’s waste challenges today, call 302-533-6858.