How Green is Your Christmas?

All of us would like to wish all of you all of the best this holiday season. It truly is such a wonderful time of year. Before we get to all of the cookies, pies, presents and adult beverages, let us consider exactly how we could all be just a little greener this time of year. No, we are not trying to suck the fun out of Christmas, but how could we lessen our waste footprint just a tad this year?

  • Buy living tree that can be replanted or repotted and used for a few years before it becomes a permanent fixture on your property. If you are not going to have a potted tree, have your tree chipped and use if for mulch after the season is through.
  • Homemade cards! Yes, it is okay to express your thoughts on the holiday season this year without subcontracting the job to Hallmark. Make your own cards this year and set a great example for the little ones in your household.
  • Use LED lights for your tree and house. There are tons of ways to save energy as far as lighting is concerned this time of year. When buying new light strings, compare products based on lighted lengths.
  • What about wrapping paper? Use environmentally friendly wrapping paper whenever possible. Reuse bags and paper from other gifts. Try to avoid metallic gift wrap and the super glossy stuff. Finally, find ways to use non-traditional ideas like the Sunday comics section.
  • Re-gift. Yup. Don’t feel bad. You are being Earth friendly when you re-gift