How Green is Your BBQ this 4th of July?

All of us at ASI Comprehensive Waste Management would like to wish you a Happy and Safe 4th of July.

Here are some tips for having your greenest Fourth of July ever:

  1. Get the Whole Gang Together –  Larger groups create efficiencies that simply do not exist in smaller groups. This is why people carpool and have meetings.
  2. Enjoy the 4th Outdoors – We may not be in for the most glorious weather this 4th of July but try to make your celebration an outdoor celebration. Gathering outdoors will use up far less energy than an indoor celebration would as there is no need for air conditioning in your back yard.
  3. Big Containers are Green Containers – For water, consider the 2.5 gallon bottles that have the spigot on the side rather than dozens of individual water bottles. For soda, two liter bottles. For beer, a keg (two kegs?).
  4. Cook with Gas – Now we’re cooking with gas! Not gasoline, mind you. Propane. Propane is the cleanest fuel for your BBQ. Much less in the way of smoke and the canister is reusable.
  5. Ditch the Disposable Plastic Stuff – Whenever possible, choose reusable cups, forks, knives, plates, etc. Sometimes, this can be tough, but it is one of the biggest ways you can make a difference in how much waste you produce.