Be Smart About Garbage Cans – West Nile Found in New Castle County

Recently a dead crow in the north Wilmington area was found to have tested positive for West Nile Virus. We are not quite finished with summer just yet and mosquitoes that carry the virus are still prevalent throughout the Delaware Valley and Chesapeake Bay region. In addition to wearing long sleeve shirts and applying the recommended amount of mosquito repellent to exposed areas of skin, there is plenty more we can all do to prevent the spread of West Nile. In our area, this virus is carried largely by mosquitoes that prefer standing water in which to breed. In addition to clogged gutters and untended bird baths, garbage cans can provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes if left uncapped. Be sure to cap your cans and if cans still tend to fill with water after a rain storm, drill a hole or two in the bottom for easy drainage.

There are have been no human cases of West Nile in Delaware this season and we should all aim to keep it that way!