See ASI Waste First for Med Waste Packaging Needs

When it comes to managing the disposal and transportation of med waste, safety and compliance go hand in hand. It is critical for your facility to remain in compliance with all federal, state and US DOT regulations as it relates to the handling of regulated medical waste. That’s why ASI takes a holistic approach to serving hospitals. clinics, dentists and other medical facilities. We know it is not enough to offer ideas on a piece of paper when it comes to executing safe and effective management of RMW.

Proper packaging of med waste is critical to ensuring that the waste remains contained during storage, loading, transport, unloading and treatment. The number one safety goal for those handling and transporting packaged RMW is eliminating the risk of exposure.  The team at ASI are experts in the management of med waste and the packaging requirements posed to shippers of this type of material.

Though shippers and generators have different responsibilities throughout the process, safety really does begin with the generator and the process starts with packaging. Medical waste packaging is typically two levels, inner and outer packaging. The inner package is the liner and the outer package is the box or container. The inner and outer packaging have specific standards that must be met to be considered compliant. Our team will work with your facility to ensure you are utilizing the proper liners and containers to ship your med waste. We have provided design and technical guidance to various government agencies and medical institutions that utilize custom packaging to make sure the packaging complies with the requirements of 49 CFR 173.197. In short, you can relay on us to keep your facility compliant and keep your people safe. Call ASI Waste today to learn more about RMW Packaging and other strategies we can offer to assist in the management of your regulated medical waste.