Advant-Edge Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. Joins BioNJ

Advant-Edge Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. Joins BioNJ: Bridging Biotech and Regulated Waste Management


Advant-Edge Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. (ASMAI) is the newest member of BioNJ, joining a diverse group of biotechnology & life sciences experts. ASMAI is known for their comprehensive management of regulated waste streams, specializing in regulated medical waste and hazardous waste management.

Working Together for Practical Innovation with Sustainable Waste Management:

With ASMAI joining BioNJ, a bridge between biotechnological & life sciences innovation and sustainable waste management is being built. Offering services such as alternative disposal methods of regulated waste streams, hazardous waste rounds and collections, facility audits, and training, ASMAI opens the door to developing eco-friendly practices within the biotechnology & life sciences. ASMAI helps facilities to ensure environmental safety and sustainability as it relates to the management of regulated wastes.

Progressing with Integrated Solutions:

The membership of Advant-Edge Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. in BioNJ aligns biotechnology and life sciences with sustainable waste management solutions and creates an opportunity  for us to demonstrate insights on sustainable & efficient management of regulated waste streams. This will help to maintain more environmentally friendly practices within the membership.