ASI has the Rx for High Medwaste Disposal Bills

Facilities that yield regulated medical waste (RMW) often have a number of concerns regarding disposal. From safety and security to training and liability, ASI Waste is well-equipped to handle all of the needs of your facility from the point of generation through shipping and disposal of your organizations RMW. Through a comprehensive approach to streamlining all waste streams, ASI is able to form partnerships with our clients and the members of their teams. It is through relationship-building, planning and comprehensive training that methods are adopted and efficiency is gained. In addition to overseeing training, and addressing concerns related to safety, security and liability, we are also dedicated to turning efficiency into cost savings.

Whether yours is a medical center, lab, veterinary clinic, doctor’s office or funeral home, our team will make it our goal to provide your facility with the best service possible. Furthermore, we will make every effort possible to show you cost savings wherever we can. Our team is constantly looking for more opportunities for landfill diversion and recycling to keep your waste stream as environmentally friendly as possible. From Reusable Sharps containers to on-site processing, we will explore unlimited opportunities to save on costs while saving the planet!

For more information on how to save with ASI Waste, contact us online or by phone today!