The Next Decade of Waste Innovation

How is your decade wrapping up? What changes have come to your industry over the last 10 years? Regardless of your business model or customer base, there is no doubt that your industry has changed over the last decade and will continue to do so over the next one as well! Where will the waste industry be in 10 years? It’s tough to say, but you can bet that ASI Waste will be delivering the best and most cost effective solutions to dozens of industries across the US.

As the calendar moves from the Twenty-teens to the Twenty-twenties, it is important to look at where we have been to get an idea of where we are going. For decades, recycling has played a major part in improving our green footprints as individuals and organizations. Over the past few years, however, China, the world’s leading purchaser of this waste stream, determined that the much of the recycling waste from the US was too dirty to process. Think greasy, cheesy pizza boxes. Their leaving the marketplace has changed the landscape of the industry to great degree.

Rather than simply paying more for recycling, it is important that facilities take a better look at their waste streams. This recent shift in the industry has led to a ton of innovation already. Businesses are finding advanced methods of avoiding landfill and discovering opportunities for reusable materials in their waste streams. It is important to understand that there is generally always room for more efficiency in any workflow.

How do we know if there are inefficiencies in a customer’s waste stream? For years, our professionals have done waste audits to determine more ways to save. We’ve sorted through invoices and dumpsters in order to improve P&L sheets for clients. However, most recently, we have developed our own proprietary tracking software to help clients know where their money is being spent on waste, where the waste is going and much more! We can now track every dollar and every pound Yes, the Internet of Things has come for the waste industry and ASI Waste is leading the way!