Is Document Destruction Part of Your Data Security Plan?

Wait a minute! ASI Waste wants to talk with you about data security? But, ASI is not an IT Company!?! What gives? Well, as the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And when it comes to confidential, sensitive material, you do not want nefarious actors turning your data or your clients’ data into treasure. Whether you are responsible for adhering to strict regulations, or you are simply interested in doing the right thing by ensuring that confidential information not be compromised, ASI Waste has options for you when it comes to the destruction of this sensitive material.

Incineration, Shredding and More

ASI Waste promises assured destruction and trusted chain of custody for your peace of mind. Furthermore, in offering both incineration and shredding, you can feel comfortable that this waste stream is ending up in a very green place. After all, your shredded docs will be recycled into new paper or cardboard and incinerated material will be converted into energy at a local waste-to-energy facility. Yes, even when we are keeping your information safe, we are still making every attempt at maintaining the highest standards of sustainability.

Got More than Just Paper?

Did you know that we offer certified product destruction? ASI Waste provides destruction of defective products, proprietary prototypes and even currency (for authorized governmental clients). We are able to proved tracking from time of pick up to point of destruction. Furthermore, we can deliver a certificate of destruction and a weight ticket to show proof of the completed destruction.

How Can We Help You Today?

If you have documents or other materials that need to be professionally destroyed, please reach out to us today. We are living in an age where data integrity is more valuable than ever. Let ASI Waste help with your data security today.