Construction Industry Pros Trust ASI for C&D Waste Removal

Whether you are looking to build, renovate or demo, there is going to be waste. Very likely A LOT of waste. Traditionally, Construction and demolition debris (commonly referred to as C&D waste in our industry) ended up in landfills. However, the shift in the industry over the past several years has resulted in facilities moving toward sorting C&D waste. What does this mean for your project? Making your projects more environmentally friendly often makes them more profitable.

By reducing the waste tonnage going to landfill, we are able to send more of your project’s C&D material to be recycled. Materials such as concrete, brick, metal, cardboard, carpet, drywall and wood used to end up in landfills and also on your waste services bill for disposal. Recycling rates on C&D containers often approach 80%. For projects that need to meet LEED standards, seeking the highest diversion rate is critical to success. Not only are we able to help you achieve your LEED goals, but we are also able to provide clear tracking so that your project’s waste activity is properly recorded.

We work with state of the art regional facilities to capture the greatest amount of recyclable products from your construction waste.  We provide a single container at your jobsite. Once it is filled, we haul it to the recycling center where the recyclable materials are removed for reclamation. This process delivers a great way to reduce your costs, use less space and easily capture more recyclables while minimizing your landfill usage!