Wilmington DE Trash Compactor Sales by ASI Comprehensive Waste

Businesses all over The First State are going green at a breakneck pace. Most Delaware businesses have had a waste and recycling strategy for some time now. Others are just now getting on board considering the most recent changes in Delaware State law mandating that commercial businesses begin recycling as of Jan. 1, 2014. Whatever the case may be for your facility, there is generally always more that can be done as far as optimizing your waste stream or getting the most out of your waste strategy is concerned. How you ask? Is your facility currently using a trash compactor? If not, you may be throwing away more than just trash. You may be throwing away money as well. If you have questions regarding the purchasing of a trash compactor in Newark, Wilmington or anywhere in the State of Delaware, call your neighbors at ASI Waste for more info on what you need to know about owning one of these pieces of equipment.