Please Be Mindful of What You Throw Away

This week a man was injured in New Castle County, Delaware after a neighbor allegedly threw out an old box of ammunition in a trash can. If you think that you may have old ammunition or some other potentially explosive material, you may not put it out for pick up with the rest of your home’s weekly garbage. Many local and state police stations will accept live rounds for proper disposal. Also, you can contact a local shooting range that will have the ability to dispose of this material properly.

If you are confused as to what material is acceptable for disposal with your weekly pickup, call your local municipality or trash company. Most municipalities and local waste removal companies disallow the following:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Electronic
  • Hot ashes or coals
  • Dirt, sod, rocks, or concrete
  • Toxic or highly flammable materials such as oil, gas or paint
  • Construction, remodeling or demolition debris
  • Heavy metal items such as auto parts

We invite all of you to be as safe as possible with your own home’s waste management methods.