In Delaware, Some Folks Going Green – Others Not So Much

At ASI Comprehensive Waste Management, we are for lack of a better way to put it Trash Geeks. We don’t just simply drop off and pick up dumpsters from homes and businesses. We help organizations with waste streaming, aiding in efforts to go green while saving money. We assist medical facilities with all sorts of medical waste disposal needs and you can bet your bottom dollar that our brains will be assisting on the front lines helping our clients prevent against the spread of Ebola. Again, we’re not just doing dumpsters.

That said, this past week two stories from around Delaware caught our eye. These were two stories that showed how how far we all have come in terms of going green and how far we have yet to go, unfortunately.

We can start with the bad news first. This story from downstate covers how the town of Bridgeville is dealing with illegal dumping. The DNREC is considering what to do about the recurring dumping of trash. In many communities, the installation of cameras on trees or posts has helped to catch violators and thus curb this disgusting practice. We hear about these acts from time to time and always come to the same question. How hard is it to get rid of a couch? Seriously. There are parts of the world where you do jail time for spitting a piece of gum on a sidewalk. Low fines and weak enforcement for illegal trash dumping will only lead to more illegal trash dumping. It’s long time we got serious about this.

The good? This past Saturday a bunch of folks came out to get rid of old electronic waste and paper waste (for shredding) at Frawley Stadium in Wilmington. This was one of two such events that the Delaware Solid Waste Authority holds each year to ensure this type of waste is disposed of properly. If you have this type of waste gathering in your basement or garage, keep an eye out for these types of events as they are numerous throughout the year. Both public and private organizations put these sort of events on each year, so there is never an excuse to throw your old copier out on the side of the road in the town of Bridgeville (see above).