Delaware Enacts Mandatory Recycling by 2014 for all Commercial Businesses

All of us at ASI Comprehensive Waste Management would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope that your 2014 is filled with happiness and prosperity! We initially posted this notice regarding the new mandatory recycling law back in the fall, but with the new year upon us, we feel it is a good time to remind those last folks who still have yet to make the proper changes in their waste streaming and recycling services.


Mandatory Recycling in Delaware by 2014 for Commercial Businesses

Did you know that all commercial businesses in Delaware are required to actively participate in a comprehensive recycling program no later than January 1st 2014? The type of materials that must be recycled are not outlined; however, you must have a comprehensive recycling program that makes a good faith effort to recycle as much waste as possible. Materials commonly recycled include corrugated cardboard, office paper, aluminum and various plastics.

Why should your business Recycle?

Despite the fact that this new legislation makes recycling mandatory, there are good reasons to recycle. First of all, it could save you money! Savings can be achieved by reducing your trash service and/or generating a rebate for recycled material. Secondly, recycling conserves valuable natural resources, energy and landfill space. Recycling also supports job creation through the processing of recyclables and manufacturing of new products from recycled materials. At ASI Waste we are passionate about partnering with our customers to reduce waste generation, increase recycling and avoid landfilling waste as much as possible. We have the relationships and experience to make your recycling program a success, whether you are starting a recycling program from scratch or just need some improvement. Call us today and put your mind at ease knowing you have industry experts working for you!

The best means of understanding what waste can be recycled is to perform a quick waste analysis. Here at ASI Comprehensive Waste Management, Inc. we focus on educating our clients how to better recycle to avoid landfills. We can help your commercial business today to meet the new regulation, avoid landfill, and more than likely save money! It’s free for us to look at your waste, and we typically can save our clients on their waste and recycling expenses, so why not call today!