IMG_5649We take pride in providing our customers with compaction and baling equipment that is efficient, affordable and aesthetically pleasing!

Compaction and baling equipment provides one of the most efficient methods available for the management of solid waste and recycling. Most compactors provide a 4:1 compaction ratio, greatly reducing the need to transport the waste streams. Maximizing the waste in the container greatly reduces the cost associated with transporting the waste streams. Typically the equipment will pay for itself through the savings in the hauling fees.

Compactors and balers are also used to capture recyclable commodities.  The more weight able to compacted into a load or a bale,  the greater the rebate. Compaction will reduces costs associated with transporting the recyclables. Reducing the number of times the commodity needs to be transported, will generate higher rebates, contributing to your bottom line!  Cardboard is the most commonly rebated commodity at warehouses and manufacturing facilities.  Balers and stationary compactors are great options for efficiently capturing and capitalizing on your cardboard waste stream.

VAMC Balto PackerWe have several manufacturers as well as several used equipment dealers that we work with throughout the United States. This affords us the opportunity to present more options to our customers. We very experienced in designing compaction and baling systems in area with limited space or even height restrictions. We will design a system to fit the unique layout of your facility. The system will accommodate the volume and type of waste being produced by your location.  We design our systems to be efficient, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing!

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