Compactor Washout 3Keep your machine clean!

We are able to come to you and power wash your compactor! Inside and Out!

In some marketplaces, we provide compactor cleaning. Solid waste compactors can breed bacteria and generate very offensive odors, especially in the warm summer months. It can be one of the most frustrating situations to deal with, because you must eliminate the source of the smell , otherwise it will linger until the next service.  It is difficult for owners of the equipment to properly disinfect and clean the equipment. Many sites try masking the odor with kitty litter or other absorbents and deodorizers. The issue is typically caked on waste or sitting liquids that can are not coming out upon the regular service.

We offer an alternative that will provide the most thorough and effective solution available. During a compactor washout, the technician arrives the day the compactor is emptied. He opens the back of the compactor and removes any waste that may not have been emptied during the service. This is bagged up to be put back into the compactor once it is cleaned. Then the technician utilizes a shovel to break up any caked on waste. This debris is bagged to be placed in the compactor when the cleaning is completed. The disinfectant cleaner is then applied to the surface areas inside the compactor.

Compactor Washout 1Once the debris is bagged and the disinfectant is applied to all surface areas, the entire inside of the machine is power washed. The water from the cleaning of the machine is captured and removed from your premises.

The technician also opens the back panel of the compactor to clean behind the compactor ram (behind the blade). This area is often the area that is not cleaned and captures various liquids. This is also close to where staff load the machine and typically would face odors. Inside the compactor and behind the blade are then disinfected again to ensure all odors are remediated.

The technician will then clean the outside of the compactor. While the technician is providing the cleaning, they will usually grease the machine as well.
Odors eliminated, machine clean, machine greased! Helps to maintain the equipment while eliminating odors!

Contact us today to see if we provide compactor washout services in your marketplace!