Dumpster Rental Services

ASI Comprehensive Waste Management, Inc. provides dumpsters of all sizes for all types of material. We can provide a dumpster for you to rent for your home or business. For home owners, we can even provide blocks to protect your driveway. Our dumpster rental program is simple and inexpensive. We provide quick and efficient services with exceptional communication. The pricing we provide to you is what you will see on your bill. We provide pricing that is clear and easy to understand, including all fuel, environmental and other fees. Simple pricing, efficient service, and high recycling rates are why our dumpster services are the best.

LEED Services

ASI Comprehensive Waste Management, Inc. is a leader in providing LEED services. We understand the need to achieve high recycling rates with C&D roll offs. We work with several facilities specifically on LEED recycling services. The C&D is all put into one container, and sorted at the recycling centers. The recyclables are separated, tracked, and reclaimed. This process ensures that the majority of the materials put in the C&D containers are recycled. We have a great program, which includes container specific tracking. We track every LEED load for our clients and compile specific reports for them including dates, ticket numbers, weights, volumes, and commodities reclaimed. Our LEED services are specific for our clients, ensuring they meet their goals.

Solid Waste and Recycling Services

Our in depth knowledge of the solid waste and recycling industry allows us to customize a solution to meet your individual needs and goals. We pride ourselves on our focus to protect our customers from price and service related issues while always increasing recycling efforts and landfill avoidance when possible. We understand that prompt and efficient service is a top priority in meeting your waste removal needs. We also believe our customers deserve clean and overall aesthetically pleasing equipment for the trash service they pay for. We promise that the equipment provided will be properly maintained and in good condition.

Furthermore, our knowledge of available markets for recyclables and equipment is extensive due to our experience in initiating recycling programs. We can evaluate your current practices to see how effective they are and what opportunities are present to improve your current waste disposal procedures. We have the ability to provide a waste audit to help determine the most efficient and compliant methods of managing your recyclable materials. Overall, we simplify your trash removal service to be efficient while maintaining costs and continuously creating opportunities to increase recycling

Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

Construction and demolition (C&D) projects create an enormous amount of trash that typically is landfilled. But now it doesn’t have to. Many facilities are now sorting construction and demolition waste by waste type to create a recyclable commodity and minimize the volume going to C&D landfills. The materials removed from the waste stream vary by market and site, but typically include cardboard, metals, wood, and aggregate materials such as concrete and shingles. Some facilities also sort out the drywall and plastics for recycling. These facilities utilize both mechanical and manual sorting to ensure the highest recovery rate possible. The recycling rate for an average C&D container is around 80%! This is a fantastic way to reduce tonnage being landfill and give new life to these highly recyclable materials! We make it easy to green your construction projects!

Assured Product Destruction

We recognize the potential liability caused by a defective product and the need for assured disposal. We offer assured product destruction to ensure your defective materials are properly disposed. We are highly qualified and experienced in handling sensitive waste streams and making certain that materials are destroyed completely via incineration. We will provide tracking from the time of pick-up to the point of destruction. We also offer witnessed incineration of materials for highly sensitive waste streams. We have provided assured product destruction services to both the private sector as well as government facilities. Once materials are destroyed, we provide a certificate of destruction and a weight ticket to demonstrate the completed destruction.

Organic Waste Recycling

Organic waste recycling is an exciting new way to minimize your environmental impact by diverting a significant portion of your waste from landfills. Organic waste can be composted, creating a beneficial use for your trash! Our experienced team can help implement an organic waste recycling program at your facility by conducting a comprehensive waste audit. Through our audit, we determine what organic material is generated at the facility and how to get that material the to the composting facility in the most efficient manner possible. Organic waste is not limited to only food waste, but also other compostable material such as wood, landscaping debris, corrugated cardboard (even waxed), paper products including paper towels, file folders, paper plates, new papers, tissues, etc. When combining an organic waste recycling program with a single stream recycling program, we can help your facility achieve a Zero Waste Program!

Universal Waste and Electronics Recycling

Many facilities are unaware that virtually anything with a plug is able to be recycled at electronic recycling facilities. Some electronics contain scrap components that may contain contaminants such as lead, cadmium beryllium, or brominated flame retardants. This material can be highly toxic to the environment when not properly managed. We focus on recycling electronic materials in a simple and eco-friendly process. We avoid unsafe exposure to the potential contaminants. The facilities that we utilize process the used electronics to prevent unsafe exposure and to create a reusable stream of components and commodities. They are able to capture many of the precious metals for recycling. We focus on keeping these materials out of landfills and waste to energy facilities. We partner with responsible recyclers to ensure electronic items are recycled in the most environmentally friendly method possible.

Regulated Medical Waste Management

Advant-EDGE Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. is committed to safety, compliance, and environmentally responsible management of regulated medical waste. It is a highly regulated waste stream, and it is important to have a company that keeps up with the regulations and training to ensure you’re always compliant. We provide clear tracking of the waste and detailed manifesting that shows how the waste is handled, from cradle-to-grave.

Advant-EDGE Solutions of Middle Atlantic focuses on partnerships with our clients. We evaluate all options and ensure that we are handling waste for our clients in the most efficient manner feasible. We review equipment, transportation, treatment technologies and packaging so that we can come up with the best solutions based on your facilities unique needs. We have a proven track record of providing expertise in not only cost savings, but more importantly efficiencies. We focus on having the right employees on each job to ensure we exceed our customer’s expectations.

Reusable Sharps Management

Advant-EDGE Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. prefers the reusable sharps method, as opposed to disposable. Our company offers a solution to sharps management that has been proven safe and effective through both third party studies and over 20 years of in-hospital experience. We provide a sharps service technician that handles all of the exchanging of sharps containers. This not only reduces your staffs’ exposure, but reduces their workload as well. We install the reusable sharps system, where your current containers are being used, and using existing holes in the wall about 90% of the time. We are committed to assisting you with the safest and most clinically accepted sharps management service in the industry.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Advant-EDGE Solutions of Middle Atlantic is committed to helping your facility implement regulatory compliant solutions for your Rx Waste disposal needs. Our Pharmaceutical Waste Compliance Program is a hospital-wide program that will minimize environmental impact and regulatory exposure from improper identification, collection, and disposal of pharmaceutical waste. Advant-EDGE Solutions of Middle Atlantic’s comprehensive, turn-key service we provide the best possible management of risk and long term liability due to our financial strength, regulatory expertise, and commitment to environmentally sound solutions for compliance needs.


Hazardous Waste

The disposal of hazardous wastes can be a complex task due to the many regulations that govern the transportation and appropriate disposal method of these special wastes. Advant-EDGE Solutions of Middle Atlantic assists in the process of locating a suitable disposal facility, scheduling transportation, profiling samples, and preparing hazardous waste manifests. All of these details can be a time consuming task for a large facility, but are crucial in terms of regulatory compliance. Advant-EGDE Solutions works with your facility in finding the most economical means of disposal for your hazardous materials in a professional matter.


Regulated Medical Waste Packaging and Supplies Management

Advant-EDGE Solutions of Middle Atlantic, Inc. is committed to safety, compliance, and environmentally responsible management of shipping regulated medical waste. It is a highly regulated waste stream, and it is important to have a company that keeps up with the regulations and training to ensure you’re always compliant. We provide packaging solutions to comply with all local, state and federal regulations. Our solutions include both inner and outer packaging. We can help with designing, producing, warehousing, and delivering your packaging supplies. We currently provide the packaging materials a large Federal Government facility as well as a major institution.

We helped to redesign the current container in 2007 to meet changing requirements of the US DOT. The current container specification is demonstrated in the past performance section of this capabilities statement.