Recycling Efforts Increasing All Over Delaware

The responsibility to avoid landfill is one that, more and more, we are all beginning to share. What it means is that, whenever possible, we should try to reuse or recycle anything we intend to throw away, thus avoiding seeing that item end up in a landfill.

Clarification of Regulations

In 2014, Delaware got serious about regulating commercial businesses when it comes to waste. In fact, the state handed down a law mandating that any commercial business must have a recycling plan in place. However, many had difficulty interpreting the law these past few years. Accordingly, Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has announced the final approval of new regulations in the state’s Universal Recycling Law (URL) that will take effect on Feb. 21.

It is expected that the regulations will clarify that commercial businesses and facilities are required to conduct annual reviews of their waste stream, identify recyclables and arrange for collection to divert them from landfills. Though these types of customers have been required by law to recycle for 3 years, some were still unclear on the details.

Perdue to Step Up Composting Efforts

Perdue Farms has operated massive chicken farms near the Chesapeake Bay for years. Anyone who has ever traveled downstate knows this. They have also worked hard to reduce the risk of run off into local creeks, streams and the Bay itself over the last several decades. In doing this, they have made efforts to transform the poultry litter left over from farming into an eco-friendly fertilizer that will be safe for use by other farmers as they bring it to market this year. Kudos to to the innovators at and leadership at Perdue for making this commitment to the Bay and the Delmarva area!