What’s Old is New Again

At ASI Waste, we are always excited to hear about new and different ways folks are choosing to go green. Two of the biggest ways the facilities and individuals can reduce their carbon footprint is through recycling and landfill avoidance. We all know recycling is when we either repurpose a used item or, more commonly, put items made of glass, plastic, paper and other materials back into the production cycle to be broken down and remanufactured as a new item. Landfill avoidance is one of our main goals in the waste industry. It basically means that we want as little waste as possible to end up in landfills. So, our goal is to either recycle as much as possible or determine a way to not use certain items in the first place.

Recently we heard of two very interesting stories in which folks were taking major strides at going green The first came to us from Connecticut where an elementary school won a playground made entirely of recycled dental materials. The Flanders Elementary School won their new playground by soliciting a ton of online votes and surpassing all other participating schools in a contest to collect the most used toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and boxes of dental floss. A big congrats to the students, families and faculty at FES!

Another story came to us more locally out of Philadelphia. Philadelphia Water announced the unveiling of a network of water filling stations in and around Fairmount Park. It seems that the park has been overrun with trash, specifically discarded water bottles over the past several years. Recently, Philadelphia Water sponsored a trash clean up along the Delaware River that netted over 16 tons of garbage. Given that we all grew up drinking out of garden hoses while playing out in the yard, it seems as though it is not too much to ask that folks use reusable bottles when enjoying the outdoors in Philly. We salute Mayor Nutter, Philadelphia Water and all of those who made this possible.