Recycling Efforts Proving Successful in DE & MD

Much of what we do here at ASI Waste is to help business, hospitals and all sorts of facilities avoid sending such a high percentage of their waste to landfills. One way to make this a reality is to examine the waste stream so that users of recyclable materials know where to discard items so that a facility can go green one plastic fork or soda can at a time.

This weekend marks the end of this year’s Delaware State Fair and ran a great story of how the fair adopted a recycling program ten years ago and has not looked back since. From the piece:

In all, the 10-day run of the fair racks up 41.25 tons of cardboard that is recycled and transported by fair staff to the Delaware Solid Waste Authority Transfer Station near Milford.

Over 40 tons! when they first began their efforts ten years ago, they recycled roughly about three and a half tons. through awareness and streamlining their program they have been able to grow the amount of waste recycled, thus running a far greener event over time. Congrats to the Delaware State Fair in their ongoing effort to put on a green event of this size!

In Maryland this month, Potomac-Edison announced that it is offering up to a $50 bounty on older model freezers and refrigerators. That’s right, they will come to your home, pick up your old fridge or freezer and send you an incentive check by mail. Plus, there is a great chance that your new appliance will run greener and cost less money to do so!

We can all do our part to live in a greener world. If your company or facility is looking for ways to go green, call ASI Waste today to learn more about having a comprehensive audit done of your current waste usage.