ASI Waste Helps Johns Hopkins Change the Game!

Last week,  the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) held the 2nd Annual Waste360 Recycling Summit, where a small number of companies and organizations were honored as leaders and innovators for their efforts in recycling. The most distinguished award at the summit was given to Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine Waste Diversion Program whose partners in this endeavor include, yes, ASI Waste along with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Reduction in Motion, a Maryland-based waste consultant who we have known and respected for years.

We are very excited that this program was recognized and continue to be proud of our opportunity to serve Johns Hopkins. What we have all have worked together to achieve with this program has been nothing short of astounding. The NWRA recognized that, since 2006 when the JHU School of Medicine Facilities Management Department focused on diverting waste and increasing recycling, they managed to increase diversion by over twentyfold. It’s results such as these that our team is able to achieve when we have partners, clients and vendors who all work toward the same goal with dedication and vision. Again, we applaud the folks at Johns Hopkins and look forward to a bright future in making our little corner of the planet a little greener everyday for all of us together.