A Green Super Bowl Every Fan Can Cheer For

You do not have to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan to support a green Super Bowl party. When it comes to a party, nothing beats a good Super Bowl fiesta! And when it comes to consumption, well, the Super Bowl is right up there with many major holidays. And just like any other event of excess, it is not too difficult to find ways to make your Super Bowl extravaganza a bit more green (Nick Foles jersey is optional).

The very baseline level of any party is all about food and drink. As you consider your celebration, think of finger foods that do not require a lot of silver/plastic ware, plates, etc. Everyone loves finger food and there is generally less waste associated with foods that folks can grab and go with. What about pizza? Well, we are a bit conflicted about party-friendly pizza. Yes, it is a grab and go staple, but those boxes rarely get recycled at recycling centers because of all of the cheese and grease that permeate the cardboard. It’s good to give your best shot at cutting out the nasty bits so as to salvage whatever possible for the recycling bin. Better yet, make your own pizza this year! That way, you won’t have to worry about late delivery or figuring out a tip for the driver.

What about liquid refreshments? Did you know that the recycling rate for beer and soda cans is about 55%? Glass is even worse at about 35%! That’s terrible! Set up a two-bin system in your home so that folks know where they can dispose of recyclables and where they can toss garbage.¬†Still looking for ways to go even greener? Some tips that work well for any event at home are:

  • Buy in Bulk – Bigger bags and bottles of snacks and drinks always mean less in packaging that can end up in landfills
  • Use and Reuse – Use silverware and glassware that you can then pop in the dishwasher afterwards. Avoid single use items.
  • Encourage Guests to Carpool – If you are going to a party or inviting folks to your place, we all cut down on our carbon footprint by catching a ride!

At ASI Waste, we hope all of you are having a green ’18 and hope that you continue to do so when the Eagles play the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.