Protecting Businesses and Their Clients in Delaware

Recently, the News Journal published a story about how the change in a recent law is naming Delaware businesses responsible when client data is compromised due to negligence. The long and the short of it is that if your business fails to destroy electronic or hard copy records of client data including signatures or credit card data, and that data is used to compromise a bank account or credit card, the business owner could be on the hook for the amount that was stolen from the client.

Many if not most business owners do not know about this law’s existence. And while a good number of businesses, do not keep hard copy records of credit card or bank account numbers on hand, many are throwing away hard copy receipts or other paper materials that contain personal financial information that could prove valuable in the hands of criminals.

What is the solution? For one, when it comes to documents, shredding should be the first choice for any business who routinely throws out paper records of client data. Forms, records, client profiles and receipts should all be shredded as opposed to tossed in a dumpster or recycling bin.

For materials containing ultra sensitive material, it is recommended that those products or documents be incinerated if deemed necessary.

ASI Waste offers assured destruction services, incineration and document shredding. Be sure that your business is compliant with all current laws and industry standards by calling ASI today.